Kaliklatak Plantation Tour

Kaliklatak Plantation Tour Packages

Kaliklatak is located in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia.

Kaliklatak Plantation located on the slopes of Mount Merapi , 15 km west of the town of Banyuwangi, situated at an 450 m above sea level and covering 1013 HA approximately. Kaliklatak Managed by private company. The main commodities of Kaliklatak Plantation are coffee , cocoa , rubber , cloves , and spices .
At the highest , namely Hargosonyo , visitors can enjoy views the city of Banyuwangi , Bali Strait , Blambangan peninsula and Bali island with very beautiful .

Below is the tour itenerary :

08.00 am.
Pick up at the hotel at Banyuwangi Airport, Banyuwangi Harbor or Hotel in Banyuwangi then drive to Kaliklatak Plantation Directly.

09.00 am
Arrive at Plantation area.

09.15 am.
Start for the tour, accompanied by local guide the guest will be enjoying panorama of the coffee ( Robusta & Arabika ), Cacao, Cinnamon, Rubber, Vannili, cloves plantation Etc.

11.00 am.
Stop for resting with coffee testing + local cake on the highland of kaliklatak plantation. enjoying a beautiful panorama of bali strait and western side of bali island.

12.30 am.
Back to the factory ans seeing the process of the rubber. this process is beginning from the latex up till the rubber ready to send.

13.00 am.
drive back to the hotel

Arrive at the hotel.

The tour are included :
• Private jeep & Driver
• Entrance fee as per program
• English or Dutch speaking guide at plantation area.

The tour not included :
• Lunch Package

Lunch is served at Kaliklatak based on request.