Ijen Crater Tour

Ijen Crater Tour Packages

Ijen Crater Tour is a Banyuwangi Full Day Tours package in Banyuwangi to visit Ijen crater, one of the best volcanic mountains of Indonesia with this one brimming with the rare sulphurs.

Morning departure from Ketapang Harbour, Banyuwangi Baru train station or from hotel in Banyuwangi ( Ijen Resort, Ketapang Indah or another hotel in Banyuwangi ) our 4wd vehicle & guide will pick you up to the slope of Mount Ijen. Will approximately take I hour drive from banyuwangi. On the middle of way you will passing through plantation and tropical rainforest where it is habitats of giant fern, javanese monkeys ( macaca ), panther & many kind of big birds.
Pause at the park ranger’s before hiking up. The temperature is fresh ( 12 – 20 degrees celsius ). will take 90 minutes approximately to reach the rim of the ijen volcano (2386 meters altitude) where you will enjoy a magnificent landscape. Ijen Volcano has one kilometer wide, turquoise colored acid crater lake and it is also recognized as the largest highly acidic crater lake in the world. It is also a source for the river Banyupahit, resulting in highly acidic and metal enriched river water which has a significant detrimental effect on the downstream river ecosystem. in another side you will be showed The Sulfur miners emerge carrying up to 80 Kilograms sulfurs with the bamboo basket on their shoulders. it is really amazing.
After finish to enjoy the landscape, we have to take the same way down to the park ranger’s, afterward drive back by 4wd vehicle to the meeting point.

You may take this program from Banyuwangi ( Ketapang Harbour, Banyuwangi train station, Ijen Resort, Ketapang Indah hotel or from another hotel in Banyuwangi )

We also serve the tour package as below :

– Ijen Tour package, inclusive:

entrance fee
English speaking Guide
jeep & driver )
– 4wd vehicle or jeep only including driver.