Ijen Blue Fire and Sunrise Tour

Ijen Blue Fire and Sunrise Tour Packages

Ijen blue fire and sunrise tour is the fullday tour package which will show you the best side of ijen crater.

Ijen Blue fire tour in the last 4 years is very booming for all traveller who want to explore ijen crater, therefore we always improve our product. all are for convenience our customer. please find our simple itinerary with details below :

01.00 at midnight our crew will pick you up at the : ketapang harbour, Banyuwangi Hotel ( Ijen Resort, Ketapang Indah or another hotel in Banyuwangi regency ) , afterward drive a short way to reach paltuding (60 minutes) to the start of the trail that lead up to the active beautiful crater of kawah ijen volcano (2 hours walking) bringing with your equipment to capture surreal images lit by moonlight, torches, and the blue flames of burning molten sulfur. As your schedule you will be arrive at the rim of Ijen crater at 02.30 am to enjoy in the dark the most beautiful blue fire from the crater of Kawah Ijen before sunrise, one of greatest spectacular blue fire from the crater in the world after Yellow stones in USA. The phenomena of Ijen crater is Blue Fire, which appeared in the middle of Sulphur mining, and strangely only be seen at night until before sunrise.

If you want to see a blue flame, minimal start climbing at 02.00 am at night from Paltuding Ranger office, because the blue flame pins until 5 am. After sunrise at 05.30 am you will find a huge crater with its famous blue acid lake (actually the most acid in the world) and the hot partly liquid sulphur deposit. The dumorales are so hot that sulphur come out as green vapour. The vapour is collected by large pipe at the excite of which its condenses, forming red rivulets of liquid sulphur than freeze to solid deposit are carried to obtain huge block of pure sulphur with primitive, healthy devastating method and incredibly hard job. After observation time we leave ijen plateau and drive down to the meeting point.

What to bring :
• Warm clothes / jacket
• Good shoes (suggestion : trekking shoes)
• Flashlight
• Head lamp
• Mask (for sulphur gas protection)
• trekking stick